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Tonka Truck Construction Cake

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Are you like me and think yep, this year I'm buying the cake? Then you proceed to spend hours in the kitchen baking away and swearing black and blue that next year, next year I'm not doing this! Well that was me last year and this is me this year! I made the cake. We'll actually I made 2. The first one was for his actual birthday and the second one was for his party. The first was a major flop. In my tired state I think I must of forgotten to grease the tin! Whoops. See the first attempt! Created with love of course and a lot of cursing is this Tonka truck construction cake made with Donna Hay Ultimate Chocolate Cake recipe. I used a Crunchie bar as the boulders, Maltesers as the rocks and crushed Oreos as the dirt!! Seriously this was probably the easiest cake to make. Nothing has to look perfect when it's a construction zone. Happy 3rd Birthday to my Charlie, Tonka trucks and digger obsessed boy. [caption id="attachment_831" align="aligncenter" width="300"]This was my first attempt. This was my first attempt.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_836" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Happy 3rd Birthday to Charlie! Happy 3rd Birthday to Charlie![/caption]   Tonka CakeIMG_1582.JPG Tonka Cake Tonka Cake   Tonka Cake

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  • May on

    Where did you get the happy birthday banner from?

  • honghenwood on

    Hi from a shop called

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