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Monochrome Faves

black design monochrome style

I'm a monochrome lover through and through. I get lost in my wardrobe and a tad frustrated when looking for that "black top" when it's all black in there! I buy mainly black and pops of denim and the occasional colour. This flows over into my home as well. If it were up to me my whole house would be painted black and white but to save my marriage I am taking my monochrome loving down a notch and doing things slowly! Here are some of my favourite monochrome pieces out there at the moment. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="353"]monochromeloves-asf.jpg Monochrome at THE ASF[/caption] 1. String Shelving- Scandinavian Design Centre 2. Storage Unit- 6 cubes - Mocka Australia 3. Printed Cushion- Typo Hall 4. Pattern Throw Blanket- Typo Hall 5. Chevron Vase - Freedom Furniture 6. Tabasco Side Table- Matt Blatt 7. Zaiden Cushion- Freedom Furniture 8. Replica Acapulco Chair- Matt Blatt or Bunnings have a cheaper version. Have you got a love for black and black is back- FINALLY! Whoop!!!

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